Born in Berlin Weber initially trained as a cabinet maker before enrolling at a Decorative Arts Program. After graduating in 1912, Weber went on to work in Bruno Paul’s office. While working for this office Weber was sent to our fair town of San Francisco to supervise the work on the German pavilion being built. However the onset of World War I prevented him from returning to Germany, leaving him stranded in California.

As is tradition with most literal and metaphorical re-births that come from “going West”, Karl Emanuel Martin Weber, utilized his initials to adopt the less Germanic sounding name of Kem. After designing some Spanish Colonial houses in Santa Barbara, Kem migrated towards the Los Angeles area where he re-focused on industrial design and established his own independent design studio.

This monograph is a great collection of all of Weber’s work. It is richly illustrated and shows in detail Weber’s style classified as “streamline moderne”.

It is available here.