This next year would be 40 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Futagawa and his family. In starting my bookshop in San Francisco his company A.D.A. Edita was the first publisher I contacted to handle his books.  I had known of his work (usually in B/W) in early books of Japanese Architecture. One of his most famous “Traditional Japanese Houses” is a 10 volume set with 280 photographs of minka. (houses of the people). It was an architecture of humble common beginnings often with thatched roofs and exquisite heavy wood details. The photographs were done in 1955 in B/W. Mr. Futagawa’s archives may be the most important collection of modern architecture. Mr. Futagawa’s 10 volume set to Frank Lloyd Wright may be the most comprehensive study ever done on Wright.  It documents the buildings with drawings, photographs and excellent explanations. It is a sad day for architectural photography as one of its masters is gone, but the publishing company is in good hands with the family’s direction.

William Stout, Architectural Bookseller




wooden_houses_europe_2 copy

Images from Traditional Japanese Houses and Wooden Houses in Europe