Monuments of Egypt: The Napoleonic Edition, 2 Vols. (Gillispie, Charles C. and Michel Dewachter. Princeton Architectural Press, 1988. $200)

Just as the Rosetta Stone introduced us to the hieroglyphic language of the ancient Egyptians, the expedition to Egypt led by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798 introduced the West to the ancient civilization of Egypt. Despite his military goals, Bonaparte brought with him a great number of leading scientists, engineers, artists, and scholars who set out to study the natural history, geography, and monuments of Egypt. Printed between 1809 and 1822, it was the first comprehensive and systematic survey of the Egyptian legacy, and it remains the most evocative.

These 2 volumes reprint all 421 plates, including the 31 color plates, and essays by Charles C. Gillispie, and Michel Dewachter.

Very good condition, some damage to dust jackets. Slipcover shelf worn. Also available as a quite worn single volume.

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