Escaliers parisiens sous l’Ancien régime: L’Apogée de la serrurerie
Edited by Jean-François Leiba-Dontenwill and Roselyne Bussière (280 pp., Somogy, $89.50)

Paris is a city teeming with charming details hidden in plain sight. Escaliers parisiens sous l’Ancien Régime: L’Apogée de la serrurerie analyzes in great detail one such feature: the 17th and 18th century wrought iron railings still found in many Parisian buildings.

Dozens of stairwells and railings are featured, each with full-color photographs, a plan and, when available, the identity of the architect and metalworker. Escaliers parisiens also includes a thorough inventory of extant railings from the ancien régime organized by arrondissement as well as a typology of forms, which reveals the peculiarities of the individual works as much as it underlines shared characteristics.