Gio Ponti – Interiors Objects Drawings
by Laura Falconi (256 pp., Electa, $55)

Among our recent acquisitions is Laura Falconi’s Gio Ponti – Interiors Objects Drawings 1920–1976, which offers a complete look at the influential Milanese architect and designer’s long and staggering career as an editor and industrial designer. Ponti (1891–1979), the founder and longtime editor of Domus, worked in parallel to virtually the whole arc of Modernism, engaging with many of the same questions the Modernists struggled with while never losing his fascination with classicism or his love for the unabashedly decorative. Gio Ponti – Interiors Objects Drawings fills something of a gap in recent English-language publications, giving a deep and well-researched account of over a half-century of his design and editorial work.

Other books on or by Ponti:

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