John Cava’s review of William Stout Publisher’s new book on Donald Olsen found in this months Arcade magazine.

Gego: Line as Object

Splendid new catalogue on the drawings and sculptural work of the Venezuelan artist and student of the architect Paul Bonatz.

Many of the works of Gego (1912-1994) can be turned around, walked around or walked through, so that their composition seems to be constantly changing. Filigreed and minimal, so light that they almost seem to dance, her grid sculptures can be hung like reliefs in front of walls or positioned freely in space. Gego created her three-dimensional installations out of wire, ropes or aluminum bars, or sometimes with found materials such as clothes hangers or metal springs. Before emigrating in 1939, Gertrud Goldschmidt (Gego) studied architecture at the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart under Paul Bonatz, and, as a result, the construction of structures and the shaping of space took on great significance in her artistic work, which takes line as a theme in its own right. This publication provides insight into the artist’s drawings and sculptural work and is the first to shed light on how Gego’s studies influenced her work.

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Donald Judd: A Good Chair is a Good Chair

Splendid catalogue of Judd’s architecture and furniture, includes photographs of prototypes, constructed by the artist himself and used by his family, such as Bookshelves (1968), Children’s Desk (1977) and Children’s Bed (1978). The exhibition comprised chairs, beds, shelves, desks and tables made from solid wood, metal and ply, charting the refinement of Judd’s design and production processes.

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Here are some of the books we will be bringing to the MDC this year

Kengo Kuma Complete Works 2006-2012
, Kengo Kuma, speaking

Patterns and Layering: Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature and Architecture

Material Immaterial: The New Work of Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma: Breathing Architecture – The Teahouse of the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt

Combinatory Urbanism: The Complex Behavior of Collective Form – Morphosis on Urban Planning
, Thom Mayne, speaker

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Morphosis: Recent Project

Morphosis: Buildings and Projects

GSA / Morphosis / Arup: Integrated Design – San Francisco Federal Building

Morphosis: Buildings and Projects, Volume V: 1999-2008

GA Document 87. Morphosis

Morphosis: Buildings and Projects, Vol. 3: 1993-1997

Morphosis: The Crawford House

A Singular Vision, Architecture Art Landscape
, Thomas Phifer, speaker

Odile Decq & Benoit Cornette
, speaker

An Architecture of the Ozarks: The Works of Marlon Blackwell
, speaker

VJAA: Vincent James Associates Architects
, Jennifer Yoos, speaker

Fougeron Architecture: Opposition / Composition
, Anne Fougeron, speaker

Related titles :

The Architecture of A. Quincy Jones

MVRDV Buildings

Donald Olsen: Architect of Habitable Abstractions

El Croquis 165: Sean Godsell

Never Built Los Angeles

From the Land: The Architecture of Backen, Gillam, & Kroeger

Casa Alta: An Andalusian Paradise

CLOG 7: Sci-Fi

Eduardo Souto de Moura

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GA Houses 132

All Over the Map: Writing on Buildings and Cities

El Croquis 163/164: Glenn Murcutt – Feathers of Metal

The Mobility of the Line: Art Architecture Design

Le Corbusier An Atlas of Modern Landscapes
Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes

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Fantastic Architecture: Personal and Eccentric Visions.

1st American ed. Very good condition with good to very dust-jacket, minor crinkle on spine of jacket and slight foxing on top edge.
Visionary architectural designs, inhabitable sculpture, buildings made of unconventional materials, and unusual castles, towers, houses, and gardens created by eccentrics.

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Donald Olsen: Architect of Habitable Abstractions


New title from William Stout Publishers

Written by Pierluigi Serraino

The purist houses of Donald Olsen stand out as remarkably durable achievements among the post-war architectural heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by the curriculum that Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer brought from Germany’s Bauhaus to Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, Olsen’s designs were deeply rooted in the Modern Movement in 20th century Europe, and the architect remained committed to this aesthetic all his life. Olsen’s allegiance to these ideals drove his personal and professional itinerary, and sustained him as both an architect and an educator at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley. Richly illustrated with drawings, plans, and photographs, this book fully documents these little known examples of high modernism in Northern California.

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